“We are dedicated to helping families and building leaders.”

Our Core Values is based around FAMILY.

  • Focus – Focused on the things that matter.
  • Adaptability – Flexible and collaborative, always keeping the result in mind.
  • Morality – We operate at the highest level of moral standards.
  • Intentionality – Aggressively intentional, determined, passionate, disciplined, dedicated and relentless in every pursuit, every day.
  • Leadership – Lead by example with humility, through relationship, honesty, and boldness.
  • Yearning – We yearn to serve, to inspire and to supersede our mission and goals.

Now that you understand who we are and what we are all about, let’s get started. If you were hired by a recruiter and have not been assigned a mentor yet, please get with that recruiter and see who you will be mentoring you.



150% Commission
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Our Group Chat System

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Be on our TRAINING CALLS Mon-Thu @ 8:30am Eastern (30 min.)

Go to or download the Zoom Meeting App on your cell phone.

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Zoom Credentials

Meeting ID: 670.398.4306

Password: slic2020

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To sign into the Agent Portal, your username is your agent number & your password is the last 4 of your social.


Download SLICE and LTW. SLICE is where you will be writing all your applications and submitting your business. LTW is one of the ways you will be receiving real time leads.

On Apple devices:

  • Go to the “Settings” on the device
  • Select “General.”
  • Scroll down and select “Profiles and Device Management.”
  • Select “Senior Life Insurance Company, and then select “Trust” and confirm Trust in the dialog.

Telesales Website:

  • Use Google Chrome 54+
  • Firefox 51+


  • 1st house/call daily 9AM
  • Work until dark-30
  • 30 leads minimum weekly
  • 15 presentations minimum weekly
  • Call your manager A LOT
  • You must sell yourself first if you want to have a chance. Write a policy on yourself using SLICE and send your manager your policy number.
  • Get in touch with your upline. Call your upline to schedule in-person or Zoom training.
  • Send a headshot to [email protected]

weekly schedule


Power questions is our diagnosis for the presentation. If used properly you will know exactly how to sell them. We need to know what the problem is so we can fix it.


Legacy Assurance is a sister company to Senior Life and is committed to reducing the financial and emotional stress of planning a funeral. They do this by offering to its members a “Family Assurance Support” service and funeral merchandise priced at about half the cost of what funeral homes charge on average.

The WISH (Where Individuals Seek Help) Team will assist families in negotiating the price of the funeral home of their choice. So as you can imagine, our experienced WISH Team jumps into action during a very tough and emotional time so family members can grieve properly.

Household Membership -When someone joins Legacy Assurance, they are able to enroll 4 other family members, who live under the same roof as them, into their membership. This is a great way to lock-in funeral merchandise prices for as long as their membership stays active.

Funeral Products:

  • Caskets: $2,000
  • 18 Gauge Caskets (250 to pick from)
  • Burial Vaults: $1,000
  • Markers/Headstones: $500 -$1,250
  • Urns: $99

Customers can lock in these prices and they DON’T have to pay for it until they pass away. This merchandise can be paid through their policy with Senior Life to make things easier. The membership is only $4/month and when they enroll, their whole family gets enrolled under one membership for no additional charge.


We place lead orders every Wednesday by NOON (12PM) Eastern time. BE SURE to get your lead orders in (by clicking the link below) no later than Wednesday morning at 10AM ET.